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Additional training is available also at $50.00 per hour, please use our contact form to request training.

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Testimonials from Students

Cannot thank you enough for distilling the critical, need to know, elements of Joomla! into a 3 day, very approachable, very usable class. I feel I can build awesome custom sites for anyone, developed and maintained in AMP on a thumb drive. I do not know how you did it and I could not be happier. Keep me on a distribution list for future classes on ANY subject. You're an instructor that delivers. Thanks for all your effort - you rock!


The instructor was excellent--it was obvious that he not only has a tremendous amount of knowledge, but truly enjoys sharing it and teaching others. I will look for future classes such as this and especially for ones taught by him. There were several things that were outstanding, such as keeping the class forums going so that as we progress, we can get help from other classmates and perhaps him. Even when feeling stupid and discouraged, this instructor was very helpful and encouraging. Thank you very much!


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