Are you tired of asking others to update your web site?

Are you frustrated with waiting for your web site admin to make changes?

Why are you paying someone to edit your own web site? It is YOUR OWN web site, you should be able to edit it....RIGHT?

That is exactly why we have developed our small web service company and why we have been helping others manage their own web site since 1996. It is time you take control of your own site and it is time you learn how to edit your own web pages. We will show you how easy it is to edit and update your own web pages simply by using your web browser.

No software needed, if you can type, you can edit your own web pages. Please contact us to request an account and to talk about your needs to Manage Your Own Web Site and we will install a very powerful and user friendly CMS system for you to learn and explore. Presented on the right,, a community of 2,500 boaters worldwide sharing their passion for sailing. This site is actively managed by us...

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