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Web hosting / management fees are billed at $30.00 per month. You may select to make this payment monthly or yearly. Please select your payment below and then click the "Buy Now" button to complete your payment.

Note: For non-profits and for new start-up companies, we offer a "donation" payment to help offset our web hosting and server management fees. We appreciate your business. Thank you.

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SailTamarakPageDesign and building of your web site starts with your content outline and your vision outline of your site. You provide a content outline representing the pages of your web site. This content outline then is converted into your main menu system and attached to web pages.

Once each web page is structured you can login and add your own paragraphs and images to your web pages. Editing and writing on your web pages is as simple as using Word. Using your basic web browser, your web pages are inverted into the editor, and you simply type and write your own content.

This is the beauty of using a Content Management System, CMS, juch as Joomla. Welcome to managing your own web site content, you will be amazed at how easy it is.

Basic web sites are one page to six pages and our simple fee is $300.00.

Each page after six pages is $50.00 per page.

Installation of extensions and applications into the site costs $100 each.

Category: Web Pages
ManageYourOwnSite.com is a web development company created by a teacher, ocean sailor, and web site enthusiast who bought his first domain name and published his first web site in 1995. Since then, this ocean sailor has been integrating web technologies and teaching web site classes at a public high school in Pennsylvania.

The owner has taught web site design classes for the PA Department of Education for high school teachers as a way of advancing their digital web skills and integration. His "Create, Publish and Manage" web workshop has been in use since 1999 and many teachers have benefited from the skills learned in that course. Recently he has developed a Joomla Content Management System course which he is teaching as an adult community education course in Southeastern PA at several local high schools.

ManageYourOwnSite.com manages 75 domain names and several company web site projects. The true passion of this company is in helping others learn about web technologies and domain name management. The owner has also volunteered his time and expertise on many web projects and he enjoys helping others take their interests to the web.

We are confident in our web skills and capabilities to assist you with your web site needs and interests.

Please contact us about your desire to Manage Your Own Site and we will set up a CMS system so you can do exactly that.

Take control of your web site, we can help you do this!

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Category: Web Pages

We are available 24/7 for email tech support. We are also available for phone support by appointment.

Thirty minutes of support is included with your monthly web hosting account.

Additional support can be purchased per incident for $100.00 which can include up to 2 hours of support. Primarily, this extra support is per incident based, and we will work hard to solve your incident.

Additional training is available also at $50.00 per hour, please use our contact form to request training.

If you would rather pay by credit card, please use our PayPal account to make your payment.

Thank you.


Testimonials from Students

Cannot thank you enough for distilling the critical, need to know, elements of Joomla! into a 3 day, very approachable, very usable class. I feel I can build awesome custom sites for anyone, developed and maintained in AMP on a thumb drive. I do not know how you did it and I could not be happier. Keep me on a distribution list for future classes on ANY subject. You're an instructor that delivers. Thanks for all your effort - you rock!


The instructor was excellent--it was obvious that he not only has a tremendous amount of knowledge, but truly enjoys sharing it and teaching others. I will look for future classes such as this and especially for ones taught by him. There were several things that were outstanding, such as keeping the class forums going so that as we progress, we can get help from other classmates and perhaps him. Even when feeling stupid and discouraged, this instructor was very helpful and encouraging. Thank you very much!


Category: Web Pages

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