SailTamarakPageDesign and building of your web site starts with your content outline and your vision outline of your site. You provide a content outline representing the pages of your web site. This content outline then is converted into your main menu system and attached to web pages.

Once each web page is structured you can login and add your own paragraphs and images to your web pages. Editing and writing on your web pages is as simple as using Word. Using your basic web browser, your web pages are inverted into the editor, and you simply type and write your own content.

This is the beauty of using a Content Management System, CMS, juch as Joomla. Welcome to managing your own web site content, you will be amazed at how easy it is.

Basic web sites are one page to six pages and our simple fee is $300.00.

Each page after six pages is $50.00 per page.

Installation of extensions and applications into the site costs $100 each.

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